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In Reflexology the whole body is represented on the feet in areas called reflexes. Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure to the reflexes on the feet. Where areas are bumpy or slightly painful, this indicates an imbalance in the organ. By working areas that are bumpy or painful, reflexologists believe your body is returned to a state of balance. (Homeostasis)

Reflexology is deeply relaxing. By giving the body "time out", the body's own healing processes appear to be stimulated which helps the client return to a state of balance and well being. Reflexology is especially helpful for anyone suffering from the effects of stress. Almost everyone reports the "best night's sleep they can remember" after having a treatment. As such almost anyone will find reflexology beneficial, although anyone currently suffering from stress may find reflexology especially welcome.

Reflexology does not cure but there have been numerous studies which indicate reflexology may bring relief from conditions such as pain, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, stress etc.

Each treatment will last for 1 hour except for the initial visit. In order to build up an holistic picture of you I will begin your first session by spending around 15 minutes discussing any medical history; anxieties; lifestyle questions and symptoms you may have or feel may be relevant.

Each treatment is designed around individual needs and experience.

The treatment takes place in a reclining chair that gives you comfort and me access to your feet and lower legs. It may be useful to wear comfortable clothes so you can really relax and loose fitting trousers so they can be rolled up to above the knee.

During the treatment there may be discomfort in some places, but it is fleeting, and is an indication of congestion or imbalance in a corresponding part of the body. For the most part, the sensation is pleasant, soothing and deeply relaxing. Many people fall asleep during a treatment which lasts for just under an hour.

To book an appointment for reflexology or ask for any advice please contact me using the link on my Home page.

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